Ethics Bowl: May 20, 2019 at 5pm

Location: University Center, Bhojwani Room

See the attached poster for a brief summary.  Here now is full announcement:


We write to bring to your attention to an exciting upcoming event to kick off
the new series “Ethics and the Far Future” at UCSC.
                May 20, 5 PM, University Center, Bhojwani Room
This is an Ethics Bowl format in which two teams of faculty will discuss
the question: What resources should UCSC put now into planning for
the far future 1,000 or more years from now?
Ethics Bowls are not traditional winner-take-all Oxford-style
debates in defense of black-and-white, yes-no propositions.  Rather,
the winning team will demonstrate the most familiarity with all sides of
the issue and lead us through to the greatest clarity in the face of
conflicting “goods” and “bads”.
Sandy will be participating, as will David Haussler, Anthony Aguirre, and
other leading faculty from Philosophy, Linguistics, and other departments.
As we all know, learning how to discuss sensitive issue regarding Earth’s
future is one of the aims of the new Earth Futures Institute, for which the
UCSC Center for Public Philosophy is an ideal partner.  This event is
sponsored by both of these organizations and The Humanities Institute.
Please spread the word among your fellow faculty, staff, and students and
urge them to attend, support, and enjoy this entire new kind of experiment
at UCSC.  Share the beautiful poster!
With warm regards,
Sandy Faber      and      Jon Ellis
Earth Futures                 Center for Public Philosophy


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