AAII Seminar: April 24, 2019 12pm

E2-215 12-1pm Ryan Hausen (PhD student, CSE at UCSC) Title: Morpheus: A Deep Learning Model for Pixel-Level Morphological Classification Abstract: The majority of astronomy begins with images filled with stars and galaxies of various sizes in arrays that can be…

AAII Seminar: April 17, 2019 at 12pm in E2-215

Title: Nanopore Variant Calling using Deep Neural Networks Kishwar Shafin, Graduate Student in the Computational Genomics Lab Genomic sequencing of an individual genome produces millions of sequence reads. Once aligned to a reference genome, the reads can be used to…

AAII Seminar: April 10, 2019

Come join the first AAII seminar (formerly SCML group) this coming Wednesday from 12pm-1pm in E2-215. This first meeting will be an open discussion of the latest and greatest in ML and AI. Come with your own thoughts to share….

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